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How to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Crawl space are rarely visited although they are one of the essential parts of the home. All the utilities that run beneath your home are provided access by the crawl space. To boost the functionality of the crawl space, you can do various things such as encapsulation. Encapsulation is a process that involves adding a heavy-duty water vapor barrier to the crawl space to stop moisture entering your home. With the encapsulation you will leap many benefits such as enhanced air quality, saving energy, and preventing pests from invading your house.

Preparation is the first step of the crawl space encapsulation. The reason, why you should not dive into the process very fast, is so that you can ensure that you are carrying the process correctly. It is vital to note that it is not possible to encapsulate every crawl space because you will need to take care of some issues such as pest control and water drainage system. Cleaning is the principal preparation that is done of the crawl space. Ensure that you have cleared the dead rats, leaves, or any debris that is located inside. Next, fill any void or any area that is not flat using a shovel. If you do not fill the space, water may fill the holes and thus increase the moisture level in the crawl space. It is necessary to make sure that you repair any damages in the space. To ensure that no small animal get into this site, you should replace any rotten wood.

Once you are through with the preparation; the following step is the installation of the plastic vapor barrier. You should start by covering the wall with this special plastic. The process can be facilitated with a gun and glue. Next, you should work on the floor. The plastic material that is used for the wall is thinner than the one used for the floor. Make sure that you follow the installation guidelines. After attaching the plastic material, you need to insulate the wall to protect your house during the hot summer and cold winter.

The last step is the closure of the place. It is vital to ensure that the door is airtight, so nothing gets in and out. You will need to insulate the door the same way you did to the wall. Once you close the door, make sure that it remains that way unless there is maintenance that you want to do to that place. You can make the humidity in the crawl space is below 50% by installing a dehumidifier. This way, your crawl space will save you money in the long run.

Many companies can assist you in the repair and encapsulation of the crawl space. If you want these services, it is vital to make sure that you review the service provider. Some of the things to consider in the crawl space repair and encapsulation company are the reputation, experience, and pricing.

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