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Facts to Understand About the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become an epidemic that has hit the world and several countries have been affected by the coronavirus. Being a new virus which is spreading fast few people have the information about the respiratory protection the virus hence in the article will be discussing some of the facts about respiratory protection for the coronavirus which will ensure that you are taking the right precaution. Most of the people know the virus as the coronavirus, and it is in the class as the viruses that cause the common colds, but it can also be referred to as COVID-19. It is believed that it started in the province of Wuhan china and the capability of mutating, therefore, it can be transmitted from animals to humans. Without the right knowledge about the coronavirus, the virus will remain to be highly infectious and people need to get more information about the coronavirus and respiratory protection just as discussed in the article below.

Did you know that the coronavirus at some point it is airborne which makes it highly contagious? According to experts in the medical field the virus can stay in the air for up to three hours once the infected person sneezes or coughs. The lifespan of the coronavirus varies and depends on the surface it has landed onto, on stainless and plastic surfaces the virus can stay up to three days. While on cardboard surface it can live there for up to twenty fours and the copper services the life span of the virus is reduced to hours. With the knowledge on the lifespan of the COVID-19 virus, you need to know more about the virus, and respiratory protection will be discussed below.

Coronavirus is in the same class as the common colds virus; therefore, some of the coronaviruses are similar to the common cold’s symptoms and respiratory protection. But the basic symptoms of the virus include fever which is above thirty-seven point five degrees Celsius, a normal person has a temperature of around thirty-six point five to thirty-seven degrees Celsius. Besides fever, you get dry cough and shortness of breath which are also some of the common symptoms which infected people are having. Also, you may get persistent chest pains, trouble in breathing, drowsiness which causes confusion are other symptoms that one experiences. The symptoms take around two to fourteen days after contracting the virus before they start showing up. The fourteen days is the worst period as an infected person will infect others without their knowledge. Those people with existing health conditions especially the senior citizens can easily contact the virus.

The best and cheapest way of keeping off the virus is ensuring that you are washing your hand with soap and under warm water for twenty seconds. If you do not have soap or water ensure that you have cleaned your hands with hand sanitizers that have sixty percentage ethanol.