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Important Facts and Tips to have in Mind when Adopting a Golden Doodle Puppy

Since time immemorial, the domesticated dog remains man’s best friend. It is not only man’s best friend from the animal kingdom but has earned a place in many families around the world as part of the family. It has fierce loyalty, its loving, and an ever-present companion. More importantly, the dog is used for expert roles such as being a police dog or a guide to visually impaired persons. When it comes to adopting a dog, one needs to make an informed decision on which breed to adopt. The golden doodle is recommended for its many unique features and suitability as a house dog. This article will deliberate important facts and tips to have in mind when adopting a golden doodle puppy.

The golden doodle came about as a result of breeders in the eighties cross-breeding the golden retriever and the poodle canines. The result was amazing because the golden doodle is a beautiful breed and has got very many strong characteristics that make it the breed of choice. Both the poodle and the retriever are strong hound breeds. Remarkably, the experimental cross-breeding of the two hounds produced an even stronger hybrid vigor. The golden doodle has got almost nil hereditary disorders and therefore enjoys great health in its lifespan. Subsequently, when this breed well took care of, it lives for a long time compared to other dog breeds.

Even though dog experts highly recommended the golden doodle for families who wish to adopt an extra family member, the pet parents must carry out due diligence before purchasing one. Like any other dog, this breed has to be nurtured by an experienced and top dog breeder. A good breeder selects their stock parents carefully to eliminate hereditary issues. This includes eliminating genetic diseases and temperament issues. This breed has a heavy coat that makes it look like a beautiful teddy bear toy. Additionally, the pet parent has a variety of colors to choose from when they select this breed for domestication.

The golden doodle is a friendly and highly intelligent dog that fits well into a family setup. It is a very jumpy and active dog that loves to play, to swim, and to entertain its family. It is a very gentle breed for those who wish their pet friend to co-exist with their young children. It is a social and therapeutic dog for young children as well as adults. Further, this breed is suitable for a person’s which allergy because it doesn’t shed much of its coat. It can also be used as a service dog for persons with a variety of health challenges. However, for such roles, the dog has to first be trained.

So as a pet parent if you are still looking for a good reason to go for the golden doodle look no further. Just remember they are friendly, they are great swimmers, they love to cuddle, they are social and soft, they are forgiving dogs, people lovers, and seldom bark.

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